Why we use fibres in our stamped concrete


Working in the building industry means that you have to get used to using a wide variety of different materials. It also means that you have to understand which materials are right for which purpose.

That is why we use fibre reinforcement rather than wire mesh reinforcement in our stamped concrete driveways paths and patios.

Now, we are not saying that wire mesh isn’t great, and we do use it in our polished concrete floors around Surrey and London we also use it in our industrial concrete projects. However, for our imprinted driveways especially we know that wire mesh isn’t quite the right way to go.

So, to help you to understand more about why we have made this decision. Let’s delve a little deeper into why we choose fibres as reinforcement for your stamped concrete driveways.

What are these fibres?

Fibres are used throughout a number of different building projects. The fibres that are added to the blended concrete are often polypropylene and come in a variety of different lengths.

The fibres are added to the concrete, whilst at the batching plant then placed within the drum mixer and it is then dispersed thoroughly within the mixture, ensuring that it does not clump in particular areas and leave others without any fibres at all.

Each of the different types of fibres has a different benefit and when these are combined within the mixture, so are their benefits.

What are the benefits of fibres?

Polypropylene Fibres

  • Ensure that the mix is more cohesive and remains pump-able, even over long distances
  • Improve the overall freeze (and thaw) resistance of the concrete
    Improve the impact and abrasion resistance of the concentre
  • Ensure that it is protected in the case of a fire
  • Improve the overall strength of the structure
  • Reduce the width of cracks that can occur in the concrete and also resist against shrinkage of the plastic during curing (This being one of the most important reasons for the use in our printed concrete)

Steel Fibres

  • Improve the overall strength
  • Reduce the need to add in additional steel reinforcements
  • Increases durability of the concrete, by control and reducing the size of any cracks
  • Improves the resistance from abrasions and impact
  • Gives additional resistance to freezing

Why is wire mesh not the best for stamped driveways?

So, now you know a bit more about the benefits of fibres, you may want to know more about why we choose to use them in our stamped driveway installations?

Whilst wired mesh is great for other concrete projects, it can often end up on the ground, particularly true in the case of driveways where they are stood on as the concrete is being placed. The mesh also doesn’t provide a solution for cracks, minimizing the way that they look, it simply holds cracks together. Not ideal when you want to create a beautiful pattern in the driveway!

Thinking about contacting us to discuss our stamped concrete driveways? If you are, then you can be sure that we only ever use the very best materials for every project, ensuing that they look great and stay looking great for as long as possible!

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