The Concrete design team specialise in repairing, maintaining and resealing stamped concrete in Surrey and London that has been fitted by other companies. If your stamped concrete has been worn, or mistreated, we can restore it back to it's original condition.

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Sealing Maintaining Stamped Concrete Surrey
Maintaining Stamped Concrete Surrey
Sealing Maintaining Stamped Concrete Surrey

Why Reseal your Stamped Concrete?

The Benefits of Maintaining Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete does require minimal maintenance. However, we do recommend resealing every three years. The frequency with which you should reseal your stamped concrete is unique to each project, and depends on many factors. If you do wait longer than three years you may notice the colour fading. Just like waxing a car, when you reseal your printed stamped concrete the colour will be as vibrant as the day it was installed. The Concrete Design Team will advise you on all your maintenance and resealing requirements.

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