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polished concrete technical information

All Concrete Design Teams polished concrete floors with underfloor heating must be a minimum of 100mm deep. Each job varies and the shallower the polished concrete floor the more joints will be required. We would recommend a concrete design team polished concrete floor to be 100mm deep.


What do we need to supply to get an approximate quotation for a polished concrete floor?

In order for us to give you a relatively precise quotation we would need a rough drawing, scaled if possible, the total square meterage involved and an idea of the dates your are considering. We may need to visit the site for a survey.

Whereabouts in the UK do you offer your services.

We provide a complete management service throughout the UK and Europe.

Would you suggest underfoot heating with polished concrete floors?

We would highly recommend underfloor heating. Your concrete floor will conduct and store heat exceptionally well. It becomes one heater giving an evenly spread warmth.

Is there a concrete membrane or screed laid over the heating first?

All Concrete Design Team polished concrete floors are laid directly onto the heating.

Can we install up-lights and other items directly into the floor?

Yes but you must understand that the more the concrete floor is interfered with the more susceptible it will be to cracking.

What is the timeframe for a polished concrete floor project?

A Concrete Design team polished concrete floor can be installed in three days. In the winter the floors can take a little longer to set and we might have to work late on occasion.

When do you do the polishing?

We recommend cleaning sealing and polishing a Concrete Design Team polished concrete floor in the week before handover. We are able to protect all your surfaces, this process uses cleaning equipment not large HTC polishing machines.

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Maintaining Your Polished Concrete Floor

Maintenance for polished concrete is very minimal. Regular care includes occasional damp mopping to remove dust or grit. Use a neutral cleaner and conditioner that cleans the surface, and leaves behind a dirt-resistant film.

Except for high traffic areas, polished concrete will keep its shine for years. If it should ever dull, it is easy to restore. simply buffing the floor with a commercial polishing compound will do the trick.

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