Concrete has become the new flooring material of choice for designers and homeowners across Europe. Concrete Design Teams floors are popping up in retail shops, trendy restaurants, offices, and homes everywhere. With advancements in equipment and techniques bringing a wider array of options and colours to the table, polished concrete has become one of the most preferred concrete flooring options on the market today.

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Beautiful Internal Flooring

Polished concrete is not only super durable and long-lasting; it’s a flooring material that will give your space a more dynamic and modern look. For commercial or residential uses, the strength and durability of concrete can’t be beaten, but sometimes the aesthetic appearance of concrete leaves something to be desired.

Polished concrete helps to transform the look of a traditional dull gray concrete slab into a beautiful marble-esque flooring option that is ideal for almost any venue.

We cover London, Surrey and Kent, including: Kensington, Chelsea, Dulwich, Brixton, Wimbledon, Fulham, Richmond, Kingston, Epsom, Weybridge, Croydon, Esher, Cobham, Balham, Clapham, Brighton and Wandsworth.

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Since most modern buildings are built on a concrete slab, why not polish it? Polished concrete makes use of the existing materials, therefore eliminating the need to prepare the floor and applying bonding materials, tile and grout saving you money and time buying all the materials needed. Polished concrete floors are low-maintenance, as they are more durable and easier to clean than many flooring options. it reduces dust mites and allergen problems and does not support mould growth. Reduce lighting needs and improve natural light. Concrete will not chip or dent like softer surfaces like wood and the only maintenance required is to mop it with soapy water.

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Polished Concrete Floors

Why Use Polished Concrete Flooring?

Polished Concrete is an excellent way to improve the overall look of an area while still maintaining the strength and durability of concrete. For a pristine, finished look, polished concrete is the preferred choice because it helps to conceal imperfections in the concrete and give the area a more refined overall aesthetic appeal and a more even, smooth surface.

Concrete Design Team is a forward thinking company who works diligently to satisfy customers flooring needs whether they be industrial, commercial or residential. We provide a flooring solution that is beautiful, environmentally friendly, durable and requires very little maintenance.

Polished Concrete by Concrete Design Team is a hardwearing, easy to clean product that improves with age and provides a neutral back drop for any interior design scheme our floors come complete with our 5 year guarantee so contact us now for your free quotation.