If you are thinking about a new garage or ready to start planning a new garage, or if you need a new concrete slab for your existing garage in London or Surrey, you probably have a lot of questions. 

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Whether used to store a car or garden furniture and tools, ensuring that the floor of your garage is durable and secure is very important. Most garages will have concrete floors, designed to be long-lasting and robust. For those building a new garage, or renovating an existing one in London or Surrey, here are a few things we do at Concrete Design Team when laying a concrete garage floor slab.


1. Marking Out Your Concrete Base

The biggest threat to a concrete slab in the garage comes not from what gets built or parked on top, but what might move below. If the soil or base beneath the slab shift or settle, the result can be a cracked slab.

Concrete Design Team Start by removing any stones and other debris from the surface, before digging to get rid of the top layer of soil. We keep the surface even throughout, fully compacting any filled in areas to ensure that slabs don’t bend and crack once laid due to an uneven base. Next, we put down a layer of MOT type 1 (at least 4 inches in thickness) and compact. Not only does this help to level out the concrete that’s laid on top of it, it also provides an insulating layer and allows moisture to escape. We then create a vapour barrier with a damp proof membrane, designed to stop water rising through porous concrete and allowing the concrete to move in different weather conditions. Many people understand that wood shrinks and expands as temperature and humidity changes through the year. But the same thing happens with concrete. That’s why it is necessary for us to include expansion joints along the edges of the slab as well as around posts, pipes or other protrusions in the slab. The resilient material used in expansion joints absorbs any expansion, thus reducing stress, yet fills that joint when it contracts.

2. The Concrete

The concrete slab should be approximately 4 in. thick (minimally; it needs to be thicker if heavy equipment will rest on it).

Concrete Design Team uses a concrete mix that includes air-entraining agents, which limit damage to the slab through seasonal freeze-thaw cycles. We also add Fiber reinforcement it’s another inexpensive product that we insist on. The fibers are mixed in with the concrete to produce a stronger slab.

3. Finishing and Curing

Once concrete has been poured, it needs to be levelled and smoothed in large areas Expansion joints are cut into the concrete to provide additional crack resistance. Then, the new slab needs to be left alone. Concrete doesn’t dry out; it undergoes a chemical curing process that creates a dry, solid mass.

Concrete Design Team can offer a wide variety of finishes for your garage floor in London or Surrey,

Tamped Concrete Finish – this is a cost effective concrete laying solution that produces a rougher surface.

Bull Floated Finish – produces a smother slightly textured surface which often contains float marks.

Brushed Finish – producing high slip resistance and allowing the water to drain to the falls created. Brushed finishes are suitable for areas trafficked either by vehicular or foot traffic and are also suitable for many types of mechanical handling plant.

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Power Floated Finish – this is a hard wearing finished surface Power float machines are fitted with circular pans to help smooth the concrete before metal blades are rotated over the surface to achieve a hardened surface.

Before the concrete can be power floated it has to be left to harden, so concrete installed in the morning cannot usually be power floated until late afternoon dependent on the outside conditions. Power-floating produces a flat smooth dense finish. (Power floated floors are hard wearing and require no further finishes, however, resins, polishing and screeds can all be applied to the surface.)

Epoxy Resin Finish– produce a low maintenance and durable floor that help reduce dust problems and provide a beautiful and comfortable work surface.  Available in our wide range of colours and textures, they are attractive and are used in both domestic and commercial floors take a look at our resin floor page.